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Fur Friendly "Brentwood Kitchen" - Brentwood, Essex

So my first blog post was a hit, yay! Thank you everyone for the encouragement to continue the blog "Fur Friendly" for all things friendly and furry!

So last week I had my adorable pack walk with 4 lovely pooches, and we had been out in the wind and rain most of the day, so I thought... I will treat me and Mollie (one of my clients adorable dogs) to a coffee and cake, and discover a new fur friendly venue to blog about! Win win right? I hang out with dogs AND eat cake.

I decided to venture into Brentwood and see what they had on offer, fur friendly style. I remembered a cute place Kieran and I had visited a while ago, sought it out on google, and put in a call. "Hey guys are you dog friendly per chance, yes? GREAT, I am on my way!"... and this is where I introduce you to "Brentwood Kitchen". Now if you are all about your art work, selfies and instagrammable moments, THIS is the place for you! It is FULL of character, everywhere you look you get an overwhelming desire to take a photo, lol! I got there pretty late in the day, so coffee and cake were available, but not the full menu, but my oh my was the cake to die for! I should add here, I am particularly fussy about my coffee, we grind our own beans at home and make super strong flat whites, and to be honest the bar for a Flat White is pretty high. Now, if you aren't much of a coffee enthuse, let me take you on a little journey here. And for anyone that IS a coffee fanatic, you will totally be on this vibe. Flat white coffee's are designed to be served in small cups with less milk. The taste of the double shot coffee is meant to be emphasised and STRONG, so if you EVER get served a flat white in a latte cup, leave immediately. (I'm kidding, of course...). Brentwood Kitchen, well done! I can PROUDLY say that your Flat White Coffee is served small, and the coffee hits hard. So to summarise, the cake and coffee were bang on.

The staff were super friendly, and very Covid aware, so if you are looking for somewhere to ease your anxiety as we slowly shift out of hibernation, then this may be just the place for you. As well as breakfast, these guys offer prosecco brunches and cocktails as well! Apparently I am very drawn to a pup friendly cocktail bar because I always end up in one! As I said, food wasn't serving at the time of me visiting so I didn't get to try this, BUT the pictures of their food looks super yummy! Some photos below, so you can see the awesome aesthetic of this place! For local dog walks before or after your trip here, I can personally recommend south weald country park. Huge beautiful landscapes, lots of forestry, just PAWFECT!

The Brentwood Kitchen, Essex

Address: Unit 2, Ingrave rd, Brentwood, CM15 8AA T : 01277 562 862

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