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Fur Friendly 'Eden' - Epping

Here we go... Blog post numero uno.

How do you even start these things?!

So, for anyone who doesn't know or hasn't realised, I am dog obsessed. I resigned from my, what was supposed to be long term career, something I had worked incredibly hard for, to pursue my Dog Walking business. And it just grew from strength to strength. Now rebranded as "Dommy's Doggy Empire" I have the Dog Walking element, my doggy bark parks, a dog branded clothing boutique... you name it, we have launched it! So long as we can include dogs of course.

So OBVIOUSLY, being known as the crazy dog lady, has it's responsibilities. I noticed I was frequently getting texts from friends asking for recommendations on Dog Friendly venues, whether it be coffee shops, pubs, holidays. And thus "FUR FRIENDLY" the blog, was born! My focus will be around anywhere that is dog friendly and I will blog my experiences for all you pooch parents out there! You can peruse my blogs and pick some venues to venture with your favourite fur children.

So here we go! First up, and a personal favourite of mine - 'Eden', based in the lively but beautiful area of Epping, Essex. I have visited Eden a fair few times now, and they never fail to disappoint. Amy, the owner, always welcomes you in with a big hello and a fuss of your dog whenever she is there. Dogs are welcome inside as well as outside and there is a cheeky treat tin in the corner near the bar for the extra good pups! The venue itself caught my eye because of its aesthetic. It's floral, boujie and has a cute neon light for selfies (which obviously I and my Chihuahua Vinnie took full advantage of). You can't miss Eden from outside, with its beautiful floral displays to walk under as you enter, and two large windows generally with warming candles flickering, urging you inside. As well as being a cute coffee shop, they offer a limited and well thought out vegetarian food, but here comes the best bit, THEY ARE A GIN AND COCKTAIL BAR. Frequently hosting Prosecco brunches and evening drinks! What a great way to enjoy some tasty avocado on toast, with a flat white or a prosecco, depending on how your day is going by midday? (mines always a prosecco). I have eaten most food on the menu and have never been disappointed. They do great sharing boards. Eden prides itself on being Eco friendly, aiming to be as green as possible for the planet! Their furniture is upcycled and made from sustainable wood and their bar is made from pallets! Cool right?! I have visited Eden several times with different dogs (I have a lot of dogs) and can say I have been totally comfortable with my tiny chihuahua and my huge dogs! There is no doggy shaming at Eden :)… tables are limited so I totally recommend pre-booking as it looks fully booked a lot of the time. A must-see! And remember Epping is famous for it's beautiful forests so why not explore the huge amounts of forestry and try to glimpse a deer, I personally see them every time I dog walk there! Address: 88 High Street, Epping, CM16 4AE

Telephone: 01992 571476

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